By adaptive - March 5th, 2015

Google and Twitter have just announced a partnership in which tweets will show up in Google searches. This article investigates how that development should impact on your social marketing strategies.

If you were active on Google between 2009 through 2011, you might remember how much easier it was to find Tweets on Google’s search engine.  Well brace yourself because Bloomberg News has just reported that Google and Twitter will partner again sometime within the first half of this year.  

The Partnership 

Due to the time it takes Google to crawl Twitter, there is a delay between the time a Tweet is posted and when it becomes visible on the Google results page.  With this new partnership, the search giant will have immediate access to Tweets, allowing Google search users access to prominently displayed Tweets posted in real-time.  
This is great news for Google.  Direct access to real-time Tweets will improve the search engine’s content and user experience.  Likewise, the partnership is ideal for Twitter because it will allow logged-out Tweeters and unregistered users access to the micro-blogs.  It is possible that this will entice unregistered users to sign up for an account.  The presence of real-time Tweets on Google may also increase the frequency that Twitter users will check their Twitter account.
The agreement is beneficial to the end users as well.  When customers see real-time Tweets on Google search results, they no longer have to follow a brand’s Twitter feed to discover new messages about special offers or updates. 
The affects of the partnership will have a positive impact across multiple channels.  Let’s examine how the new deal will impact your brand’s social marketing strategies.

Changes to Your Twitter Marketing Strategies

The outcome of this partnership will impact your Twitter marketing strategies.  There is no doubt that the partnership will increase the discoverability of your promotional Tweets —but with the increase of media, comes added responsibility.   
Your 140-character Tweets will be archived in Google.  Old, irrelevant, and even embarrassing messages will be easily accessible to the public for a long period of time.  When deciding your next Tweet content, ask yourself if this is something you wouldn’t mind showing up on Google nine months from now.  
Likewise, bad Twitter comments from disgruntled customers will leave a longer lasting imprint on Google search. Be sure to monitor Google’s search page for any backfires.  If you choose to reply to negative Tweets, be sure to remain professional and offer support to help mitigate the issue.  
On the other hand, glowing Tweets from customers may also show up on Google.  This invaluable customer testimonial is more powerful and genuine than almost anything a marketer can produce.  
Though the agreement will make Twitter marketing more risky, the benefits of the added Twitter media on Google far exceed the negatives.  If you’re not already marketing your brand on Twitter, I suggest getting started as soon as possible.  Because promotional Tweets will be prominently displayed on Google, the most globally trafficked website, active marketers on Twitter have an advantage over non-active counterparts.  With this partnership, active Tweeters have a greater chance of ranking higher on Google.

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