By - February 20th, 2015

Businesses are constantly developing more innovative and meaningful ways to connect with their customers

Establishing these lasting connections is now increasingly essential and difficult, as companies work to rebuild intimacy and loyalty in a time where consumers are more digital, more distant and more discerning.

While customers trust brands less, they’re trusting their peers more. Forums and message boards have established a public meeting place where customers can expect to find honest and objective information about a company’s products and services. With the adoption of social, this expectation made its way out of the forums and onto Twitter.

Customers have found their voice on social, and now that voice is growing louder and more powerful. Customers are turning away from brands and towards each other, expecting faster and more authentic engagement than ever before. Based on primary research, we see 50% of of customers aged 18-29 are more likely to turn to social media when they have a technical issue rather than a support forum. This leads to challenges with delivering large-scale customer service in a channel that’s less structured and more emotional.

So how can contact centers extend human, authentic service while maintaining operational organization and costs? The answer lies within the community.

Since Conversocial launched four years ago, we’ve helped many of the world’s most customer-focused companies adopt a #SocialFirst service approach to turn the unstructured chaos on social into meaningful conversations that can be efficiently resolved. Today, I’m excited to announce Conversocial's latest innovation in social customer service applications.


Introducing Conversocial CROWDS, a first of its kind, #SocialFirst and mobile-focused approach to peer-to-peer resolution. The new CROWDS platform enables businesses to empower their most passionate and knowledgeable community advocates, their ‘Crowd Experts’, to help answer customer questions on social media.

The CROWDS platform gives the contact center structure and visibility into the conversations already happening between customers on social. Incorporating Crowd Experts (who may otherwise be responding in a forum) into the customer service workflow facilitates resolution within the community, while allowing full contact center oversight.

Businesses can both reduce support costs and build advocacy by tapping into their community to participate in the dialogue, and help resolve a higher volume of customer service issues. By democratizing service and empowering customers to serve each other, brands are both stepping back to enable deeper relationships within their communities and stepping forward to positively nurture this phenomenon. CROWDS is the first of its kind solution to help companies perfectly strike that balance.

With CROWDS, we’re prepared to help contact centers extend contact beyond the center, and once again disrupt existing service models to deliver best-in-class customer experience. We’re excited to continue partnering with innovative companies and industry leaders to bring customer service to the mobile and social generation.

Discover community-powered social customer service.

For more information onf Conversocial CROWDS visit here:

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