By David Howell - January 21st, 2015

Retargeting in 2015 will become more understood and play an increasingly central role in a holistic approach to social media marketing.

2015 looks set to be the year where social media ads become even more important to corporate marketing campaigns. With all of the leading social media networks actively developing their own take on how social ads should be managed, now is the time for all corporate marketers to fully leverage their use of retargeting in particular.
Last year Useful Social Media looked at retargeting and could see that this channel would increase in influence. A new infographic from SimilarTech places retargeting into context and reveals that Google has a virtual monopoly across this channel gaining 91.5% of the market share.
Says Matt Ackley, SVP Product and Chief Marketing Officer at Marin Software: “It starts with the premise that the path to conversion is a multi-channel path. It’s not like somebody just uses search. It’s not like someone just goes to Facebook and gives all their information. I think the fact that it is a multi-channel path means that you have to be present when you’re implementing different types of targeting strategies. You have to be present across channels in order to stay top-of-mind.”
In their study, AdRoll states: “Over the past two years, advertisers have rapidly adopted retargeting on Facebook to drive key metrics like conversions, app downloads, and lead generation. Recognizing how valuable it’s been for advertisers, Facebook expanded their product line and now offers marketers two ways to retarget their website audiences on Facebook: through the Facebook Exchange (FBX) and through Custom Audiences from your Website (WCA).”
The study focusing on the impact of mobile concluded:
  • CPM cost of News Feed ad impressions on mobile is 57% lower than News Feed impressions on desktop, and mobile ads generate a 10% higher CTR. This results in a 61% lower CPC for ads in the News Feed on mobile compared to the News Feed on desktop.
  • As a complementary channel, mobile adds an average of 3.8% incremental conversions to an existing retargeting mix of web and News Feed on desktop.
  • Much like News Feed on desktop, mobile is ideal for driving direct response through promotions and content marketing. By adding mobile to an existing campaign mix of web retargeting and News Feed ads on desktop, advertisers see on average 29% more clicks.
  • Mobile grew from 0% of impressions on the News Feed to 6.51%. In the sample we studied, mobile ads through WCA now account for 8.25% of all News Feed clicks.
  • By layering News Feed campaigns on desktop onto web retargeting, advertisers serve on average 5.7% more impressions and get an impressive 53% more clicks.
  • The apparel, beauty, and technology industries have had the quickest adoption of mobile ad sizes, while media and entertainment serve the highest-performing mobile campaigns.
Leveraging what retargeting can offer to corporations will expand, but many in the industry point to the fact that a more holistic approach to this marketing tactic delivers improved ROI. 
Simply having a technological approach to retargeting isn’t enough. Corporate marketers have a chance to gain massive insight into the wants and desires of their target groups based on the ads they see and the ads they interact with.
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