By adaptive - February 10th, 2014

C-suite executives from some of the world’s biggest and most social brands, including L’Oreal, MetLife, Molson Coors and Dow Jones will gather in June to outline the future of corporate social media

London - 10/02/14

Slowly but surely, a transformation is occurring across many companies - the transformation from a product-centric to a customer-centric organization.

Speaking ahead of the Corporate Social Media Summit in New York City, top level executives from some of the world’s most social brands emphasized that customer-centricity is more than the latest marketing ‘buzzword’ - it is a fundamental pillar of future social and business strategy.

Echoing this, Jack Edgar, Project Director at Useful Social Media highlights that, “2014 is a year filled with both huge challenges and opportunities for companies leveraging social media. Social media has helped generate a customer-base which has more power than ever." 

"Unless you’re engaging, relevant and meaningful, you will simply be ignored. On the plus side, social media provides evermore opportunity to be all of these things, enhancing both your customer proximity and your competitive advantage. Social businesses can now connect with individuals as well as markets,” says Jack.

This development is even more opportune considering that 70% of C-suite executives say social media represents the chance to fundamentally transform their business for the better. A further 88% of CEOs believe that getting closer to their customers is a top corporate priority for the next five years.

Fully embedding social media is now essential for any forwarding thinking company. However, just as important as social media integration, is personalisation. Indeed, fully understanding your customer in order to generate unique experiences is critical for 2014 and beyond.

Responding to these developments, the 5th Annual Corporate Social Media Summit will offer social media executives - as well corporate communicators and marketers - the specific insight to help map a course through this challenging but exciting terrain.

Over 400 corporate social media, marketing and communications executives from some of the world’s most social brands will gather alongside forward-thinking C-suite executives.

Engaging discussions will deliver in-depth insight into the most complex and pertinent issues, from social media integration and collaboration, to unlocking the power of social data, and generating engaging and story-telling content. 

In this year of challenge and opportunity, the Corporate Social Media Summit promises to arm participants with the tools to flourish, not flounder.

The game has changed, again. Being a social business is good. But being a customer-centric social business is better!

Further details on attending the summit, including the full agenda visit

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