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23 - 24 May, 2017|San Francisco, CA

3 in-depth marketing conferences. One Incite Summit.

Our Summit breaks into three separate conferences on personalization, content & storytelling, and attribution. Choose which sessions to attend to build a personalized conference agenda matching your priorities!

If you work in marketing for a large brand and would like to contribute, please get in touch

Day One: 23rd May


Chairman’s Welcome

Less content, more promotion - take the next step in the maturation of content marketing

General ElectricGeneral Electric Ravi Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer

Legendary Entertainment: Disrupting Hollywood Paradigms with Analytics

Legendary EntertainmentLegendary Entertainment Matt Marolda, Chief Analytics Officer

Learn to trust your marketing metrics again - reliable measurement and better insights to fail fast and learn faster

CompanySears Kerem Tomak, Chief Digital Marketing and Analytics Officer

How Mozilla leverages lean data to enhance trust in their brand

CompanyMozilla Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer


Content & Storytelling

Marketing Attribution

PANEL Segmentation: Understand your existing data better and identify the segments with the most value to your business moving forward

CompanyMission Foods Gavin Donavan, Head of Digital Strategy

CompanyBank of the West Debora Wilhelm, Vice-President Brand

PANEL Scalability and Strategic Alignment: Allocate resources better; build out a solid ‘content marketing strategy’ to ensure consistent operations; and focus on delivering volume, quality and speed

CompanyAbbVie Javier Boix, Senior Director, StoryLab & Corporate Communications

CompanyPenguin Random House Charidy Johnston, Director of Marketing

CompanySchumacher Clinical Jason Manke, Director of Marketing

PANEL Signal in the Noise: Find meaningful metrics in the flood of data and discover how to tie activity to profit, retention and customer satisfaction

49ersSan Francisco 49ers Demar Amacker, CRM Data Analyst

49ersDell Ana Villegas, Marketing Director, North America

CASE STUDY: Clorox How Clorox is shifting towards real-time marketing: Insights & analytics to test, learn and grow faster than ever

Electronic ArtsClorox Suzanne Henricksen, Senior Director, Brand Insights

CASE STUDY: Intel The Cost of Privacy in a Hyper-connected World:

Privacy has taken center stage as device and data proliferation has clashed with a dramatic increase in high profile breaches. This clash is impacting how consumers engage with your brand and whether or not to ultimately trust you. This session will give you critical insights into consumer sentiment about privacy and what the current privacy landscape looks like for businesses. It will also share insights on steps you can take to make sure your company is not tomorrow’s headline.

Turner SportsIntel Gary Davis, Vice-President, Consumer Marketing

CASE STUDY: Microsoft Delivering actionable insights from social data. How Microsoft is now making better decisions… in real time

Charles SchwabMicrosoft Csaba Dancshazy, Senior Market Research Manager

PANEL Single Customer View: Cut out silos, incorporate data from everywhere and build a customer view that’s comprehensive and useful - and helps you to anticipate customer need before they ask

Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts John Buchanan, Vice-President, Global Marketing & Brand

ImreImre Jurgen Castro, Senior Director of Digital Strategy & Analytics

PANEL Brand Storytelling: Collaborate with your customers to build an authentic and engaging brand story

Turner SportsTurner Sports Drew Watkins, Vice-President and Creative Director

Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson Richard Tessell, Director of Strategic Marketing

North FaceNorth Face Courtney Blacker, Director of Brand Marketing

North FaceDignity Health Mark Viden, Vice President, Brand Marketing

PANEL Reliability and Fraud: Following Facebook’s metrics mea culpa, how can you ensure the numbers you’re gathering have a basis in fact, and are viable tools for better customer insight?

Speakers to be announced soon

CASE STUDY: Electronic Arts Session information coming soon…

Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts John Buchanan, Vice-President, Global Marketing & Brand

CASE STUDY: NBCUniversal How NBC is changing storytelling to increase audience engagement across new platforms and services

Turner SportsNBC Universal Shawn Johnson, Vice President, Experience Design

CASE STUDY: In the age of mobile, how do larger enterprises justify increasing their investment? 

Morgan Chemij will discuss the many challenges around measurement, attribution and the broader journey HP has made toward putting mobile at the forefront of their marketing and site focus.

HPHP Morgan Chemij, Director of North American Marketing, Social Customer Care

CASE STUDY: Shutterfly How Shutterfly use personalization to build long-term customer value

HPShutterfly Brian Border, Senior Director, CRM Marketing

CASE STUDY: BBVA How BBVA Compass use wider brand values to generate more meaningful and emotive content that engages both employees and customers.

BBVA CompassBBVA Compass Amy Johnson, SEO and Content Marketing Strategist

CASE STUDY: Investopedia Data-Driven Attribution: How the latest in attribution and distribution will make you smarter 

How Investopedia's data-driven approach to marketing attribution and content distribution has led to rapid growth.

HPInvestopedia David Siegel, Chief Executive Officer

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Day Two: 24th May


Content & Storytelling

Marketing Attribution

PANEL Seamless and Consistent: Coordinate messaging across channels, and deliver a joined-up experience across all customer touch points for competitive advantage

HPLensCrafters Sarah Landsman, Senior Director, Brand Strategy & Eye Care Marketing

Hilton HotelsHilton Hotels Jackie Talbot, Sr. Director Personalization

HPHP Leslie Drate, Social Media Manager, US Consumer Print

PANEL Visual and Video: More effective storytelling; easier to consume messaging; and richer customer experiences - how to deliver a visual content marketing strategy that scales

CompanyAutodesk Noah Cole, Vice-President, Marketing

CompanySouthwest Airlines Helen Limpitlaw, Director, Brand Communications

CompanyNBCUniversal John Canning, Vice President Interactive Services

PANEL Failing Fast: Speed matters. How you can learn as quickly as possible.

iHeartMediaiHeartMedia Radha Subramanyam, President of Insights, Research & Data

Thomson ReutersThomson Reuters Casey Hall, Manager Social Media Business Communications

UberUber Kellyn Kenny, VP, Marketing

Coffee Break

PANEL Artificial Intelligence: Leverage AI, deep learning and even chatbots to deliver deeper customer understanding, scale a personalized customer experience, and guide customer behavior

Charles SchwabCharles Schwab Rahul Todkar, Vice-President, Marketing Analytics and Data Science

HPMicrosoft Kriti Kapoor, Global Director, Social Customer Care

PANEL Native Advertising for Better Distribution: Move beyond production to distribution and learn how native advertising is the best way to get your message in front of the right people

GlassdoorGlassdoor Alison Hadden, Senior Brand Strategy Director

PANEL Internal Communications: How to translate advanced attribution models, hypothesis testing and big data analytics into actionable insights to change behavior and foster innovation

Geriatric MedicalGeriatric Medical Justin Racine, Director of Marketing

CASE STUDY: Blackberry Adaption and realignment: How Blackberry made the move from B2C to B2B

BlackberryBlackberry Marc Wilson, SVP Marketing

CASE STUDY: Twitch How Twitch evolved its gamer-centric live streaming platform into a broader social video phenomenon.

TwitchTwitch Matt DePietro, SVP, Marketing

CASE STUDY: AT&T How AT&T are using marketing automation for smarter insights and smoother customer journeys

AT&TAT&T Alicia Dietsch, Vice President of Marketing Communications and Operations

PANEL Mobile First: Why mobile is still a critical focus area for 2017, and how your customer journey changes with the advent of mobile-first marketing

The Clorox CompanyRosetta Stone Caitlin Romig, Senior Manager – Digital Marketing

GapGap Caroline Sheu, Vice President of Marketing

PANEL Measurement: Understand content’s role in your customer journey and measure the impact on awareness, profit and ROI metrics

TaylorMade GolfTaylorMade Golf Ryan Lauder, Director of Consumer Engagement

DellDell Nicole Smith, Senior Content Strategist

PANEL Technological Integration: To connect earned, owned and paid marketing across a plethora of channels, you increasingly need to integrate new marketing technology into your workflow. Learn how to do so with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.

Speakers to be announced soon

CASE STUDY: Facebook Session information coming soon…

FacebookFacebook Jessica Jensen, Head of Brand Strategy and Product Marketing Communications

CASE STUDY: Twitter Session information coming soon…

TwitterTwitter Darren Lachtman, Global Brand Strategy Director

Conference Ends

Aaron Jackson

Aaron Jackson

Product Director
Incite Group

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Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon

Senior Project Director
Incite Group

US: 1 800 814 3459 ex.4348

UK: +44 (0) 207 375 4348


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