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Faster, smarter advertising at your fingertips.

The Incite Programmatic Summit is the best conference for buy-side and sell-side advertisers. By bringing together the whole ecosystem, you’ll get real-world, tried-and-tested advice from the pros who know best.

  • Disrupt: stay ahead of the curve by taking steps now to integrate rapidly evolving programmatic technology
  • Inspire: use first- and third-party data to make better, smarter, more efficient media decisions
  • Mobile: find your customers where they live by incorporating mobile into your programmatic strategy
  • Programmatic TV: arm yourself for the future of media buying by exploring off-line programmatic today
  • Customize: create meaningful ads that speak to your customers on a one-to-one level

Our expert 2016 speaker line-up:

Ana Villegas
Ana Villegas


Brand Manager, North America

Arzu Karimova
Arzu Karimova


Vice President of Advanced Analytics

Aviva Downing
Aviva Downing

Environmental Defense Fund

Digital Acquisition Coordinator

Brett Herter
Brett Herter

Manager, Programmatic Strategy

Chris Pirrone
Chris Pirrone

USA Today

General Manager, Sports Digital Properties

Gary Milner
Gary Milner


Director, Global Digital Marketing Manager

Gretchen Tibbits
Gretchen Tibbits


Jamie Southworth
Jamie Southworth


Program Manager & Senior Advisor, Digital Marketing

Jeff Rushton
Jeff Rushton

University of Louisville

Director - Digital Media

Jeremy Hlavacek
Jeremy Hlavacek

Weather Channel

VP Programmatic

Julie Herbster
Julie Herbster


Vice President, Digital Strategy

Julie Kim
Julie Kim

Electronic Arts

Senior Manager, Global Media

Download the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

Video Agnostic

“The Incite Programmatic Summit really taught me a lot – there were great speakers and some real insights into this fast changing industry”

Co-Founder and Programmatic Lead, Video Agnostic

New For 2016:

  • BRAND NEW FORMAT: We’ve put together an agenda that gives you equal parts real-world experience with high-level discussion. By offering panels with both buy- and sell-side perspectives, in conjunction with real-world case studies, you get the complete picture of programmatic in 2016
  • MOBILE: Reach your customers where they live – on mobile. The best methods for buying and selling mobile media, from mobile-first inventory to setting metrics for engagement
  • THE PROGRAMMATIC DEBATES: Your time to shine! Hear 3 presentations that make the case for programmatic, then debate with your tablemates what makes programmatic so appealing
  • SHARK TANK: Like reality TV, it’s reality conference! The most innovative platforms and valuable partners have 10 minutes to pitch their solution. Our panel of experts (and the folks in the audience!) vote to name one the Programmatic Solution of the Year
  • PROGRAMMATIC EVERYWHERE: It won’t take long for programmatic to be THE way you buy and sell media. Get ready for that eventuality by exploring programmatic tv, outdoor, radio, and all things off-line.

“Great overview of Programmatic and great networking opportunities. I liked the mix of brands, agencies and publishers”


Who You'll Meet:

Capital One
Cleveland Cavaliers
Colorado Health
Environmental Defense Fund
Univeristy of Louisville
USA Today: Sports
The Weather Channel
Molson Coors

The Summit will bring together 150+ senior executives from the world’s biggest brands and the web’s hottest digital publishers. With more opportunities than ever before to share your opinions, expertise, and experience, you’re guaranteed to make new connections, learn new techniques and see programmatic in a whole new (and brighter!) light

Our Track-Record of Proven Success

  • The Number 1 Conference for bringing together buy-side marketers and sell-side innovators.
  • Independently Researched and Collaborative: every session, every discussion, every case study comes directly from our research with the Incite community of advertisers. That means you dictate what’s addressed, and not the other way around
  • Tailored to your Priorities: theory and practice in one place, so you can conceptualize and actualize all in the span of two days


of last year’s summit attendees said they learned techniques they would use back in the office


said they would recommend the Incite summit to their colleagues


senior marketers and publishers that you could meet

Google Inc.

“The panel discussions were really insightful. Great mix of presenters.”

Account Executive, Google

Download the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

Our Formula for Success – It’s Simple…

  • Provide the most comprehensive and in-depth agenda delivered by expert corporate speakers.
  • Year-round research with corporate executives to discover the topics critical to social media and marketing success.
  • Recruit only corporate speakers from big brands, the people like you that work with social media and marketing on a day to day basis.
  • High-level, business focused discussion, resulting in you learning best practices.

Download the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

3 Reasons You Have to Attend Programmatic 2016:


Proven Insights from across the ecosystem: We’re not talking pie-in-the-sky concepts or impossible to understand technical jargon. We’re talking insights and best practices from brands and publishers with real-world experience. Get intel that matters to you.


Just what you need, none of what you don’t: too many conferences are over-inflated sales pitches. Not here. We develop the agenda independently, so each and every panel, case study and working group is designed to give you us what you need to succeed


We come highly recommended. 97% of the folks who attended last year said they would recommend the summit to a colleague. And over 94% said they learned a technique at the summit that they took back to the office and put to use

This will be the most beneficial two days out of the office all year... reserve your place now before it’s too late!

Brynn Smith-Raska

Brynn Smith-Raska

Senior Project Director
The Incite Group

Phone: +1 201 204 1683