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With over 700,000 fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Mary C. Hill, Customer Service and Social Media Manager at StubHub, knows it’s imperative to make social the channel to proactively engage with fans for a seamless customer experience. While doing this, many companies face the challenge of ensuring quality and consistency across growing social support teams, with visibility into agent workflow and performance.

In this webcast, Lithium’s VP of Social Strategy, Dave Evans, gets the ‘road to social success’ story from Mary - Join them to learn her tips on managing thousands of customers and improving their customer experience. You will learn how to:

  • Build trusted relationships with customers on social
  • Gain stronger visibility across the organization
  • Unify digital channels into a consistent platform
  • Respond to customer inquiries and comments at scale
  • Embed social into your contact center operations and prioritize issues

There will be live polling, and plenty of opportunities for you to ask your most pressing questions to the panellists - don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

Join the webinar here for free (May 18th, 12noon EST)

(FYI… if you can’t make the live discussion, be sure to register anyway, and I will to send you the recordings).

Brand Speakers:

Mary C. Hill

Mary C. Hill

Customer Service and Social Media Manager

Dave Evans

Dave Evans

VP of Social Strategy

Aaron Jackson

Aaron Jackson

Project Director
Incite Group

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