June 15th — 16thThe Marriot Brooklyn Bridge • New York City

Social Media and the Customer Journey

Day One — 15th JUNE, 2015

- 9.15am

Introduction to the Summit

The Incite Group
Project Director
Jack Edgar
The Incite Group
Nick Johnson


- 10.00am

Opening Keynote: Social Media as a Foundation for Long-term Growth

Social Media is moving so fast that businesses are struggling to keep up. As such, it is unsurprising that confusion remains over how to fully achieve social success. Some companies want to heighten brand awareness while others want to boost loyalty customer. Whatever your goal, it cannot be achieved in isolation.

Social Businesses recognize the evolving relationship between social media and their over-arching business goals. In this session, hear from leading C-suite executives on how they developed an integrated approach that puts social media at the heart of their business, and as a solid foundation for long-term growth.

  • Generate a holistic and coherent approach: Break down internal silos to bring an end to fragmented marketing and inconsistent customer experiences.
  • Embed social media across your company: Integrate social into your core business processes to facilitate greater collaboration, agility and innovation.
  • Social Media Success in 2016: Get insight on how social media is changing, along with the standards and metrics you will be held accountable to. Set your goals, and hear how to achieve them.
BBVA Compass
Chief Marketing and Client Experience Officer
Jennifer Dominiquini
CEO and Co-Founder
Sid Banerjee

Moderator: Forbes, Fred Allen, Leadership Editor

10.00am – 11.00am

Social Media and the Customer Journey - Putting the customer at the center of your social strategy

To thrive in a world of ever-increasing competition and heightened customer-expectation, your customer must take center-stage of your social and wider business operations.

Moreover, recognizing the notion of a customer journey within social media is bringing great reward to leading organizations, as they are able to connect with the customer seamlessly across platforms, channels and departments.

  • Achieve personalized and meaningful customer connections, every step of the way: Use social to plug into your customer behaviors and heighten customer intimacy. Ensure your company focuses on relationships as well as transactions.
  • Evolve organizational structures to better serve your customer: Moving to a customer-centric approach can blur the traditional lines of responsibility. Strategize to avoid internal tension and get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.
  • Develop a 360 degree understanding of your customer: : Companies have more data and tools than ever to truly understand their customer. Hear how to surface actionable insights and generate a cross platform identity for informed and unique customer interaction.
Senior Vice-President Consumer Marketing
Mindy Stockfield
The Economist
Vice-President Global Integrated Content Solutions
Jeff Pundyk
Josh March

Moderator: Evan Shumeyko

11.00am – 11.30am



11.30am – 12.30pm

Social Infrastructure: Be nimble, collaborative, and consistent

To maximize the impact of social, every department must be included, and pulling in the same direction. In this session, hear how to move away from a fragmented social structure to a holistic and consistent approach

  • Agility is Key: Be able to engage customers at the speed they expect - streamline your internal communications meaning that you can move fast, learn, share, adapt and seize opportunities.
  • Insight delivery – share the wealth: Generating actionable insight from your data is pointless if it is not being distributed to all those who can benefit. Structure for sharing, so that social can help fuel each and every department
  • Collaborate for a unified approach: To achieve seamless customer experiences, consistency is vital across the numerous customer touch-points. Get differing departments on the same page, whilst reducing internal conflicts.
Wells Fargo
Senior Vice-President, Head of Collaboration and Social Strategy, Wholesale Services Group
Nathan Bricklin
Dunkin’ Brands
Strategic Initiative Director, Office of the COO
Kari McHugh
Chief Communications Officer
Dan Lewis
Director of Business Development
John Affourtit

Moderator: Glen Gilmore

12.30pm -

Case Study Social Media Education: Empower, enthuse and educate your workforce to become a social business from top to bottom

  • Get senior leadership on board: Pacify potential fears, whilst building their social capabilities, helping to enhance company reputation and heighten workforce engagement
  • Create an autonomous and socially sophisticated workforce: Educate your workforce on the core skills needed, meaning they can speak for the brand; and know the boundaries you’ve set to protect it.
  • Clear lines of responsibility: Ensure roles, responsibilities and contacts are clearly mapped out across your department/s for quicker conflict resolution and service delivery
Director of Social Media
Richard Margetic

Moderator: Eve Mayer



2.30pm – 3.30pm

Social Data: Derive actionable insight to make smarter decisions…all the time

Without accurate data analysis, spotting opportunities with regards to content, loyalty, customer acquisition or media-buying will be difficult. In this session hear how to filter through your sea of data to generate actionable insights that will drive your business forward.

  • Data-driven decision making: Granular analysis of your data can surface valuable insights and build a richer understanding of your customers. Unearth this information to positively influence future business decisions
  • “Strike while the iron is hot” with real-time and predictive analytics: Estimate future market share, shape future strategy, and even heighten the effectiveness of a current campaign with data forecasting and real-time analysis
  • De-silo your data: Social intelligence has a huge value to customer service, operations, sales and product development. Collate and communicate this insight across the business and get buy-in from other departments
Condé Nast
Associate Director of Marketing
Sofia Sheth
Century 21
Global Director, Social Media
Matt Gentile
Kraft Foods
Associate Director of Data Strategy and Activation
Jola Oliver
Vice President, Product Strategy, and Chief Evangelist
Doug Hazelman

Moderator: Neal Schaffer


Case Study Cleanliness & Clarity - How protecting your brand on social media is critical to keeping your organization’s social voice on track

  • Get the latest social media security and compliance research: The world’s biggest brands are no strangers to social media risks, including fake accounts, spam, account hacks, and compliance violations. We’ll present detailed research into the top attacks and compliance issues impacting Fortune 100 brands.
  • Protect your brand name: Hackers, scammers, and spammers hijack your brand and drown out your message. Get insight from the UN on how you can prevent the bad guys from damaging your online presence.
  • Maximize ROI: Once you’re successful on social, you’ll simply have too much content to moderate on a large scale. Learn how to make the most out of your social media investment and keep pace with the conversation.
United Nations
Social Media Team Leader
Nancy Groves
Vice-President & GM
Devin Redmond
Thomson Reuters,
Social Media Manager
Adam Cohen

Moderator: Evan Shumeyko




Case Study Going Global with Social - Use contextual awareness to drive relevancy and engage with local audiences

  • Same voice, different locations: As the geographical reach of your company increases, put the processes in place to ensure your local operations are still guided by your global brand voice and strategy
  • Get closer to your customer: Heighten your contextual understanding to enrich your connection with local markets and audiences
  • Maximize local opportunities: Establish structure and training that empowers local employees to identify trends, and act independently and efficiently to take the opportunity those trends offer
BAE Systems
Vice-President, External Communications
Brian Roehrkasse
BAE Systems
Head of Digital Communication
Dean Clarke

Moderator: Neal Schaffer


Employee Advocacy: Harness your employees for greater innovation and engagement

According to McKinsey, word of mouth marketing is a primary factor for up to fifty percent of purchasing decisions. Moreover, when employees share something with their social networks, it has 20 times more reach that typical brand sharing. It is time to fully harness this power.

  • Feed your content-marketing with Consumer and Employee generated content: Replace corporate messaging with humanized and personalized posts that resonate with your employees and their networks
  • Turn your employees into brand champions: Empower your employees to spread your company’s success farther and faster, enhancing your authenticity and digital presence in the process
Whole Foods
Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing
Natanya Anderson
Global Social Media
Blair Hammond
Greg Shove

Moderator: Eve Mayer

Day Two — 16th JUNE, 2015


Perfecting a Truly Multi-Channel Approach for Live Events – How NBC Sports Reaches the Right People, At the Right Time, in the Right Place

In the first six months of 2015, NBC Sports Group has broadcast Super Bowl XLIX, a memorable Triple Crown run, the English Premier League, the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and much more. In addition to putting on an unforgettable television experience, the network utilizes social media programming and partnerships, over-the-top and on-demand offerings and much more to continue the conversation far beyond the traditional screen. In this case study, NBC Sports Group will share their multi-platform approach to big live sports, touching on:

  • Developing The Right Strategy For the Right Event: Super Bowl XLIX reached a historic 114.5 million viewers, made up of far more than just die-hard sports fans. Hear more about how NBCUniversal creates content and innovates around different audiences while remaining true to the core product and brand;
  • Convergence of Traditional Media and Live Events: It’s about the event, but it’s about the events around the event too. From social media correspondents and parties at the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby to unique partnerships with YouTube stars like DudePerfect, hear how NBCUniversal connects online, offline and more.
  • Timing is Everything: Establishing an engaging content calendar is good… having the ability to assess your audience and react in real-time is even better. Hear how to plan standout content and also how NBCUniversal seizes the moment during these big real-time sporting events, reacting to the conversation at the right time and sticking out from the noise.
NBC Universal
Executive Director
Lou Dubois
NBC Sports
Director, Social Media Marketing
Lyndsay Signor

The Power of Advocacy: Use your customers to drive engagement and sales

  • Identify and engage your key influencers: Discover where and how advocates are talking about your brand and engage them. Use their voice to enhance your brand credibility.
  • Build brand communities to amplify your message and boost peer-to-peer recommendation: Empower your customers to share and shout about your brand, as well as influencing their peers to buy your brand.
Senior Vice-President of Marketing
Jennifer Betka
Chief Marketing Officer
Rob Dawson
Schneider Electric
Global Social Media Director
Tanya Donnelly

Moderator: Glen Gilmore



Widen Your Reach | Deepen Your Engagement

Track 1 - B2C Social Media

Track 2 - B2B Social Media


Deepen and prolong your engagement with the 5 C’s of Content Curation

  • Compelling: Add value in order to take value: Whether your content is looking to inspire, inform, challenge or entertain, your content must be valuable to your customer to cut through the cacophony of noise.
  • Contextual Content is King: Social content creation is about listening and then acting. Hear how to react in real-time, to supplement an already compelling content calendar.
  • Customer-Centric content that stands out from the crowd: Marketers have more data and tools than ever to create tailored campaigns across multiple channels. Heighten personalized and targeted content to ensure you stand out
  • Consistent - Achieve on-going engagement to keep your brand top of mind: One great campaign is never enough. Streamline your creation processes for efficient and sustainable content creation, in order to feed your audience’s insatiable appetite.
  • Conversation – you started it, now keep it going: Creating your content is just the beginning. Hear how to fuel the conversation and connect with customers long after your initial campaign.
Hormel Foods
Manager, Digital Communications
Grant Wright
FamilyShare Network
General Manager
Saul I. Leal
Global Director, Social Media
Matt Gentile

Moderator: Neal Schaffer

Turn your brand into a publisher of targeted, thought-provoking content that will resonate with your audience

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2B marketers use content marketing, yet only 38% say they’re good at it. In the session, learn how to fully engage your audience and get ahead of your competition:

  • Tailored content for maximized engagement: There is no one-size-fits-all content. Hear how to find where your target audience spends their time, and how to produce tailored campaigns for this platform/channel.
  • More bang for your buck - the true value of paid media: Know where to spend, how much to spend, and how to produce a clear picture of the ROI of paid media.
  • Partner with legal for quicker, better marketing: Hear how to fix this often flawed relationship to enhance efficiency, speed of operation and risk mitigation
Senior Director US Communications
Rebecca Cisek
Premier Farnell
Global Head of Content
Sagar Jethani

Moderator: Evan Shumeyko


Storytelling through Social: Achieve deeper and long-lasting engagement through an engaging brand narrative

  • - Stop selling, and start telling: A strong content campaign can achieve brand favorability… a strong brand narrative can achieve brand affinity. Uncover the true power of storytelling.
  • - Engross an ever-increasingly fickle customer base: Stories can hook audiences and keep them hooked. Uncover and craft your brand’s narrative, communicating this through engaging platforms and channels
  • - Be Authentic | Be Human: Your company and customers have a wealth of stories to tell. Take these and create easily-consumable stories that will not only authenticate your brand, but humanize it.
U-haul International
Social Media Director
Toni Jones
Senior Vice-President of Brand Communication and Business Activation
Angie Henderson Moncada
Co-founder and CEO
Colin Duetta

Moderator: Neal Schaffer

Embracing Social Compliance: Mapping your roles, responsibilities and processes for effective and efficient compliance

  • Establish the right foundation: It is vital that you adopt compliance and risk management into your social functions, without sacrificing creativity and the speed. Develop sound internal processes across your enterprise, ensuring they are a) well-known, and b) adhered to.
  • Achieve effective and efficient compliance: When it comes to content and social activity, it is often difficult to know what an “appropriate level” of review looks like. Hear how to develop a comprehensive - yet efficient - review process, as well as who should be responsible for carrying this out.
  • Monitor and mitigate risk: When it comes to risk management, it’s important to identify what your greatest business risks are, and what you consider acceptable levels of risk. In many industries, all roads lead to reputation – with many critical decision points along the way. Stay one step ahead through identifying and mitigating potential threats to help minimize damage if and when they occur.
Bank of America
Senior Vice-President, Enterprise Social Media Marketing
Chris Smith
Bank of the West
Vice President, Senior Corporate Compliance Officer
Lori Hale

Moderator: Glen Gilmore



Track 1 - Customer Service



Achieve Seamless and Efficient Support: Generate an integrated social support structure for quicker, more transparent support

  • Fully integrate social intro your customer service operations for seamless coordination: Break down departmental silos, and map-out workflows and responsibilities for company-wide consistency
  • Shift from Reactive to Proactive Customer Support: Get on the front foot - solve problems before they become complaints through forecasting and predictive analytics.
  • Transition to self-help and peer-to-peer help to maximize call diversion and efficiency gains: Generate quick and engaging methods of self and peer-to-help that make problem solving faster for your customer, and cheaper for you company.
American Airlines
Head of Social Customer Experience
Annette Hernandez
Amica Mutual Insurance Co.
Assistant Vice President, Marketing
Lisa Melton
General Motors
Social Strategy Lead
Whitney Drake

Moderator: Evan Shumeyko



Make Your Brand Stand Out: Create superior customer interactions with timely and personalized solutions

  • Achieve customer consistency through a “single customer view”: Synthesize cross-channel information to equip your staff with one, cohesive customer profile.
  • - Respond to customers at the speed they expect: Achieving real-time response is difficult, but vital. Hear how to streamline internal communications and procedures, whilst breaking through the external noise to identify key trends across multiple channels
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized and personable responses: Surprised and delighted customers are loyal customers! Equip your frontline staff with the skills and tools to respond in a personable manner, and build a genuine connection.
Vice-President, Global Customer Support
Chug Abramowitz
Digital Futurist and Social Media Architect
Gina Debogovich
Dollar Shave Club
Vice President Member Services
Janet Song

Moderator: Glen Gilmore


Impact Measurement: Refine your social performance to drive better results

  • Speed and Accuracy:Measure success quickly and accurately, so that you can respond and improve your on-going campaigns and strategies
  • What matters is what works: Measuring too many things can waste valuable time and resources. Know which metrics matter most, and feed this learning back into your strategy
  • Prove your impact through the right language and data visualization: ROI is not return on influence, impressions or interaction. The secret to social media success is showing how it impacts your bottom line – hear how to do this, and improved budgets will follow.
Director Community and Social Support
Marc Schwartz
Executive Director, Digital Media Outreach & Customer Relations
Jared Schultheis
Vice-President of Products
Adi Kleiman
Whole Foods
Director of Social media and Digital Marketing
Natanya Anderson

Moderator: Evan Shumeyko

Jack Edgar

Conference Director, Useful Social Media
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 375 7226
Email: jack@usefulsocialmedia.com

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