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I'm an in-house marketer for a brand. I work for an 'end user' in the marketing community - a company like Wal-Mart, Nike or Apple.


I work for a company that sells products to brands - a technology provider or a consultant. Companies like Adobe, McKinsey or Salesforce.

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Corporate and Vendor Passes: Making the right choice

We charge different prices for 'corporates' and 'vendors'. In our definition, 'corporate' means marketers working 'in-house' for brands. 'Vendor' means people who work at companies that sell to 'in-house' marketers. Wal-Mart would be a 'corporate', while 'Adobe' would be a vendor. Please get in touch for more detail. If you make a mistake when selecting your pass, we will get in touch to correct this with you.

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Jack Edgar

Project Director
Incite Group

Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7226