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Awards Ceremony June 15th|Marriott Brooklyn Bridge|New York, US

Five value-driven awards for 2017

Successful and dynamic use of social media can be interpreted in different ways. The Incite Group have identified five categories. Each of these five categories illustrate an area where many companies compete to be the best. Social Customer Care, Social Campaigns and Social Innovation are 3 things we all care about. Who has applied themselves and taken the game to the next level? We shall find out.

Best Social Customer Care

Customer care via social media is vitally important to both brands and customers. This award will go to the team or company that has gone above and beyond in their support of customers on social media. The winner will have created a first-class approach to managing all kinds of customer complaints and queries, and created a relevant approach irrespective of traditional methods. The winner will exhibit the qualities of a truly customer centric company that strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

Best Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigns are central to all social media strategies. We’re looking for the stand-out examples of campaigns that have engaged, entertained, driven results and set the standard that companies in both their industry and others look to emulate. Judges will be searching for the social media campaign that really sets the bar and has that Social Media X-Factor.

Most Innovative Use Of Social Media

This award goes to the company that demonstrates a clear innovative use of social media. Judges will be looking for a company that has gone beyond the norms and broken boundaries in their approach to social media. We are looking for that truly innovative use of social media – either through; a campaign, response strategy, integration with other departments, customer support or something else.

Social Agency Of The Year

Behind nearly all great social media campaigns and teams is an agency that is orchestrating and advising on the strategy. This reward is to shine the light on the sometimes unsung heroes – the agencies that are helping improve and evolve corporate social media. Judges will reward an agency that has delivered multiple outstanding projects or results that have enabled clients to offer a first-class social media experience.

People’s Choice Award: Corporate Social Media Leader Of The Year

This award will go to the social media leader that Useful Social Media’s global community feels has done the most to drive social media forward in their company. Not only will the winner have achieved positive and tangible results via social media, they will have also how social media can be seized by companies and integrated into their business strategy and operations and will have also demonstrated passion away from the work place for social.