Brand Management

Nike's NBA campaign; the stupidity of (some) hotel chains and a surprise about integrated marketing

Nick Johnson, (Jun 14, 2011)

Hi all, Before we get to this week's articles, a request. We're currently putting together an in-depth, 60+ page report on social media impact measurement. As part of the report, we have put togeth...

video interviews - how to create an employee social media strategy that doesn't ruin your reputation

Nick Johnson, (Jul 21, 2010)

Hi everyone,Today I thought I'd share some of the video interviews that Served Fresh Media conducted for me on site at the US Corporate Social Media Summit. I've picked three  - there are fiftee...

Loic LeMeur on the wrong terminology

Nick Johnson, (Jul 8, 2010)

Great video from Loic LeMeur on how the use of particular vocabulary is symptomatic of the wrong approach to social media. If you're talking about "impressions, impressions, impressions" and "camp...

Using Twitter in your company - advice from Samsung

Nick Johnson, (Jul 7, 2010)

Just back from holiday and thought I'd share some more media from the conference last month. First up, some slides from the wonderful Esteban Contreras, who is Social Media Manager from Samsung Ele...